about us

food is attitude.

It began with an encounter, first with a tea farmer in Shiga prefecture in Japan and then with a cacao farmer on Kauai Island, in Hawaii. Though distant in geography and culture, we saw in them a kindred spirit, a deep regard for the gifts of nature. With reverence for their crops, each  eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides, choosing instead to nurture a biodynamic balance where natural enemies keep pests in check. From these fields, their harvests are rich and strong and nuanced in flavor. Captivated by these vibrant plantations, we designed Toka, a tearoom and grocery that features organic Japanese tea and Hawaiian cacao. We offer products that present the best of each unique harvest. Our name Toka, meaning summer/winter, comes from an old Daoist classic which says that the pine trees are fresh and green in winter as in summer, tokaseisei, because they grow with deep respect and connection to the principles of universal life. The old red pine that watches over Toka’s entrance stands in testament to this notion. We aim to foster new perspectives through food, to promote sustainable practices, and to inspire an essential new attitude towards food. That is our mission at Toka.

無農薬栽培で育てた「日本茶」と「カカオ」をテーマにしたティールーム「冬夏 toka」は、二人の農家との出会いから始まりました。カウアイ島。そして滋賀県朝宮。いずれも化学肥料や農薬を使わず、自然の実りに寄り添いながら、生態系を慈しむ農業に生きる農家たち。そこで目にしたみずみずしい美しい畑の広がり、天敵同士が生命をかけて生きる姿、結実の力強さと繊細な味わいに魅了されたのです。私たちは、生産者のもとへ通い、品種、畑、収穫年や栽培環境を学ぶことからはじめ、それぞれの農産物がもっとも独自性を花開かせるユニークなレシピをつくっています。それは味だけにとどまらず、お茶の煎れ方、空間の設え、例えばゴミを増やさぬよう、簡素で美しいパッケージを選択することも、私たちの大事なクリエイティビティのひとつです。店名の語源でもある「冬夏青青-とうかせいせい」は、冬も夏も変わらずに青々と茂る松の木に、枯れない志を重ねた孔子の言葉。私たちは、自然に寄り添い、本物の食をはぐくみ、創造性あふれる新しい発想を提案します。

creater's file

food direction    fumie okumura
logo design    helmut schmid
interior design   koichi futatsumata
lighting design   hiroyasu shoji

garden design   keisuke kanto

furniture   koichi toji

photograph   takumi ota (space) , foodelco
web design   foodelco